Scenes from the Underground

Hum along to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music

Door blockers, pole leaners, noisy rude talkers
Coughers and sneazers who touch the pole after
Drunken football rev’llers singing with pride,
These are the scenes of the Underground ride!

Babies in buggies who scream ever louder
Girls put on make-up to make themselves prouder
Bums and musicians seek room for the night
These are the scenes of the Underground ride!

Boiling hot temper’tures even in winter
Please let the people off, then you can enter
More signal failures are causing delays
These are the things that we face every day!

Please mind the gap.
Watch the doors close.
Stand behind the line.
I must find the Way Out or else I might cry, hope you enjoyed the ride!

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