Weekend Wanderings: Dubrovnik, Croatia

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, Dubrovnik will look familiar as the setting for King’s Landing. But it was also the setting for scenes in Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi film so in addition to GoT tours, Star Wars fans can also partake in a walk around the sci-fi city.

Dubrovnik has arguably put Croatia on the map since Game of Thrones took off. Obviously it’s always been as spectacular as it is now but it has become a destination so gets busier in the summer months. Here are a few popular activities as well as lesser known spots.

1. The Walls – Naturally we did this in the afternoon when it was the hottest part of the day (not recommended). The old fortified walls run around the city and offer views of the sea of water as well as a sea of terracotta roofs. People have laundry lines running from their house up to the wall, nbd. You need a ticket to start up the wall but there are a few different exits along the way if you reach your fill. There are also a couple of cafes along the way but not many so bring some water with you on a hot day.

2. Kawa – This was recommended by a couple we had dinner with one night. The restaurant was family style and the couple were celebrating their anniversary, travelling from Quebec. The shop offers local artists crafts outside of the typical souvenirs of Croatia. Jewellery, clothing, shoes, bags, as well as gourmet food stuffs and local beers. They also play up the Star Wars – Game of Thrones connection with artwork depicting the likes of Yoda and Terion Lannister in a duel.

3. Panorama Restaurant/Cable Car – It’s hard to miss the cable car running up the side of the hill behind Dubrovnik and is worth the trip. It becomes clear why this was such a good fortification with the sea on one side and a mountain on the other. You can also see the outlying islands including Lokrum from the top and enjoy an Aperol Spritz from the bar (or dinner if you prefer).

4. Lady Pi Pi – Not pronounced like 3.14, you’ll see why when you enter the restaurant. The restaurant is close to the northern wall so we came back down the cable car and went straight there when they opened. This restaurant feels like someone’s porch and if it rains, they close because it’s all open seating. We didn’t have a reservation so went when they opened to secure a table and even then we shared with a couple. Local cats (so. many. cats) will sneak in to try and beg for fish (I say try as though I didn’t encourage this activity or left them empty-pawed).

5. Lokrum – The closest island to Dubrovnik, Lokrum is a short ferry ride away. You can also go via kayak! The tickets are cash only so have some money handy. You could easily spend a day picnicking and swimming on Lokrum. We hiked around the island and explored the old monastery ruins there. The island is home to a flock of peacocks as well as an Iron Throne from Game of Thrones filming. The island itself has a bit of a creepy past with the monks who were forced to flee allegedly placing a curse on the island (sounds like monks…). A ruling Austrian couple also once owned the island as their romantic get-away because #relationshipgoals.

While there is an airport in Dubrovnik, we started our trip in Rovinj and drove/ferry-hopped south. There are over a thousand islands to Croatia so there’s plenty more to see besides King’s Landing.

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