Let’s Play the Work Game!

Remember when you were a kid and you were mystified at what your parents did all day and then you would get to their office and play work? My brother and I would play ‘businessmen’ and have cookies for breakfast, pretending they were donuts (that did not fly with our parents). We would set up a little mini desk and raid the supply closet at my dad’s office and scribble memos, write fake checks and generally pretend to be very important business people.

That’s basically what my life feels like now. I set up my little tablet and bluetooth keyboard at some sort of table (usually a kitchen table but currently a coffee table) and check my emails, make notes of who I need to call to cancel something, check my budget spreadsheet and cry a little on the inside, and sometimes bang out a post such as this. It all feels like the make-believe version of life.

I’m sure this would feel different if I were currently employed and had real calls to make and meetings to attend. But at least for now, my life is just pretty quiet and full of general admin. So how do you stay motivated and keep this from feeling like ‘funemployment’ (which in my case, let’s be honest, it is) or a snow day? Routine is good! My routine involves getting up at the same time every day for continuity, having coffee and reading over breakfast (although these days it’s more like have coffee and listen to the news), get dressed (do not spend all day in pajamas! But leggings are okay), and then it’s pretty open.

Yesterday I had two video group chats, did some yoga, took the dogs for a couple walks, and honestly I was still knackered by 10pm. Today, so far, I have answered emails, done some social media research, read, done this post and then some more video chats after lunch! Oh and going to bake banana bread because why not??

Pretend adulting: I’ve got this one down! I hope everyone is staying safe and sane and still gets outside for some social distancing breaks!

One thought on “Let’s Play the Work Game!

  1. Yes,yes, yes,,,,,,,make the best of everything and keep smiling and stay positive. That’s my girl!! (Sorry, lady? no, no…woman!!!)


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