Can We Get Some Meatloaf?

I often dispute the millennial stereotypes out there that we’re lazy, entitled, live in our parents basements. To be fair, I am a frequent visitor of my sister’s basement but that doesn’t count, I’ve spent my life crashing in on her to watch her TV and eat her food (she has a much better selection of junk food than our parents). And now drink her wine but what are house guests for if not to entertain you and help you replace your provisions?

This whole stay-at-home/social distancing/self-isolation/pandemic situation has meant that for the first time since I was a teenager, I’m living at home with my parents for an extended period of time. Usually I max out at a week for a holiday or occassion of some kind. But this is indefinite. The Virginia Governor has extended his stay-at-home order until June. That’s a long-ass time.

But I’m starting to think that millennials had it right to live in their parents’ basements all this time! In my case, it’s a loft and not a basement so I have my own space, far more space than in my own flat or apartment, with natural light and views of the mountains nearby. I have access to just about every streaming service thanks to the subscriptions of other family members who have given me their passwords, unsolicited (honestly, it’s amazing to me I get out of bed at all when I could just stream all day long). And then there’s the part about free room and board.

To top it all off, I’ve actually unpacked. This may sound silly but when you stay somewhere for a weekend, do you unpack? When I was traveling, I wasn’t staying in hotels for more than a couple days at a time so not really unpacking material. And since I crashlanded from moving back from the UK, I have random personal belongings with me as well so it’s basically like I’ve moved into a furnished flat, complete with dogs and a cat to snuggle.

So yeah, I maintain that we are not entitled or lazy but I think we’re on to something with this living at home business. We’ll see how that holds up when one day the world returns to its former socializing glory but until then, I’ll just be here.

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