Piano Notes

As a kid, I took piano lessons for a few years before deciding I didn’t like practicing and recitals seemed boring to me. Now, as an adult, I covet the impressive skills of piano players/singer-songwriters like Sara Bareilles who can so easily sing and play at the same time with such ease and emotion. I’veContinue reading “Piano Notes”

Home for the Holidays

This year has given me a lot of time and reason to contemplate the definition of ‘home’. This should be a simple thing to answer: where is home? But I’ve slept under a dozen different roofs this year, only one of which was my own. Initially intending to pass 2020 as a traveling nomad, myContinue reading “Home for the Holidays”

Let’s Play the Work Game!

Remember when you were a kid and you were mystified at what your parents did all day and then you would get to their office and play work? My brother and I would play ‘businessmen’ and have cookies for breakfast, pretending they were donuts (that did not fly with our parents). We would set upContinue reading “Let’s Play the Work Game!”

Be A Lady

Recently, the video narrated by Cynthia Nixon entitled ‘Be a Lady They Said’ has been circulating amongst my friends. It highlights the contradictory messages we as women receive from society, the media, our partners, basically everyone. I had actually written this poem last month, feeling like throughout my life I’ve been told I’m too thisContinue reading “Be A Lady”

Scenes from the Underground

Hum along to the tune of “My Favorite Things” from Sound of Music Door blockers, pole leaners, noisy rude talkersCoughers and sneazers who touch the pole afterDrunken football rev’llers singing with pride,These are the scenes of the Underground ride! Babies in buggies who scream ever louderGirls put on make-up to make themselves prouderBums and musiciansContinue reading “Scenes from the Underground”